El Masfino Country Club, is an exclusive membership club with various indoor and outdoor facilities for your family to enjoy. It is part of the 160-hectare development of Northwoods Realty and Development Corporation at Coral na Bato, San Rafael Bulacan. El Masfino Country Club compliments the vision of the owner / developer in delivering a truly luxurious community for its distinctive and exclusive members. The club provides various indoor and outdoor facilities for the whole family to enjoy. Membership into El Masfino Country Club which entitles a member the use of all club facilities is available at a competitive list price of P85,000.00 per share. It is by invitation and then through the acquisition of a club membership certificate. A candidate has to be approved by the club membership committee before he can become a member. When membership has been approved, then a Club Membership I.D. shall be issued. Monthly dues of each member shall be a minimum amount of P560.00. The buyers can amortize payments for one to three years.



    • Open from Tuesday to Sunday except during special occasions that would be announced earlier.

             -      Weekdays (Tuesday to Friday) 6am – 6pm

  • - Weekends (Saturday to Sunday) 6am – 6pm
  • Swimmers must wear the standard attire.
  • Lifeguards and/or Pool attendant will have the final authority in determining the appropriateness of swim wear.
  • Guests who are not wearing the proper attire will not be allowed to use the swimming pool.
  • Swimmers are required to take a shower before entering the pool area.
  • Diving is not allowed.
  • Children under 12yrs of age will not be allowed to use the swimming pool unless accompanied by a person not younger than 18 years of age who assumes responsibility for the child's conduct.
  • Parents /Guardians are responsible for the behavior /safety of the non swimmers they are accompanying.
  • No bringing of food and beverage inside the premises, only food bought within the premises shall be allowed. Barbeque grill and utensils are available upon request.
  • Person suffering from any skin disorder or any contagious disease is not allowed to use the swimming pool.
  • Any person not following the lifeguard's warning will have his swimming pool privilege forfeited.
  • No cooking and grilling at the parking lot.
  • Drinking alcoholic beverages inside the resort and at the parking area is not allowed.
  • Firearms and or any deadly weapons are not allowed.
  • Bodyguards and pets are not allowed inside the pool area.
  • Vandalism and theft will be dealt with accordingly and are for filling of appropriate case on court.
  • It is understood that El Masfino will not be held responsible for any accident and/or losses on personal properties that may occur while inside the pool premises.



             Female: Bathing Suit, Cycling shorts or garterized shorts (above knee level). Sleeveless shirts or sando.

             Male: Trunks, Cycling shorts or garterized shorts, Board shorts (above knee level)

             NOT ALLOWED:  Shirts, Denim Shorts, Basketball Shorts, Jogging Pants

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