A taste of mediterranean luxury. Enjoy a unique luxury hotel with the artistic touch of Mediterranean design with complete facilities of modern living and comfort. EL MASFINO HOTEL offers you spacious room, your choice o a single, double and suite rooms designed to provide you maximum satisfaction. Enjoy a spacious living room where you can hang out and receive guest. You can even unwind and have a few drinks in the minibar located at the lobby.You can also enjoy the scenic landscape overlooking the modern swimming pool and golf course in your own veranda. Feel the morning sun and the smooth gentle breeze of the evening when you relax in the special portion of your room.Enjoy our cozy restaurant that serves different sumptuous food prepared according to your taste.Other amenities that awaits you at EL MASFINO HOTEL are our modern spa, water parks, 18-hole golf course, wide and spacious playground for your children and a coffee shop where you can enjoy your morning coffee.


  1. The Hotel Rules and Regulation form part of the Hotel Service Agreement signed by and between the El Masfino Hotel & Resort and the Guest.
  2. It is understood that the Guest has agreed with the Hotel Rules upon his/her signature on the Hotel Services Agreement and takes over the hotel room.
  3. Check-in Procedures
    • - One Hundred percent (100%) payment of hotel room is required prior to actual check-in.
    • - And Incidental Deposit of P2,000.00 is required and subject to deduction to actual consumption or charges upon check out.
    • - Check in time is 2:00 pm and check out time is 12:00 noon
    • - The Guest shall present one (1) valid identification card to the Front Desk Officer.           

            Any of the following ID's are acceptable:

  • - Passport
  • - Credit Card
  • - SSS
  • - Voter's ID
  • - Driver's License
  • - BIR/TIN
  • - Philhealth
  • - Senior Citizen 
  • - Maximum occupancy of rooms are strictly observed.

                        Deluxe room – 2 adults and 2 kids (Child's age is 12 yrs old and below)

                        Suite room – 4 adults and 2 kids (Child's age is 12 yrs old and below)

                        The Hotel Management will not permit more than the allowed number of persons per accommodation.

                        There is a corresponding additional charge for every extra occupant per night.

  • - Only Children 12 years old and below shall have free accommodation. However, the management will only allow maximum of 2 kids rooming in per accommodation type.
  • - No prohibited articles, flammable articles or commercial goods are allowed inside the room.
  1. Hotel Stay

4.1 No room charging is allowed. The guest shall immediately settle all fees/charges incurred in other outlets inside or outside of the hotel (ex. F&B charges, coffeeshop, souvenir shop)

4.2 The room key shall be kept by the guest during his/her hotel stay. Any damage or loss is subject to a fine.

4.3 Keep the hotel room and its premises clean. Littering is not permissible. No article billed on the wall is allowed.

4.4 Strictly no drugs, prostitution and deadly weapons inside the hotel premises.

4.5 Pets and plants are not allowed in room premises.

4.6 Guests are responsible for their belongings. The Management shall not be held liable for any loss or damage incurred not stored in the hotel's luggage storage.

4.7 Observe silence within the hotel premises.

4.8 Rooms shall not be used for accommodation purposes. Private functions, seminars, meeting and other group activities shall not be allowed.

4.9 No gambling of any kind or unlawful behavior is allowed.

4.10 Change of rooms or room transfers, not coordinated with the FrontDesk, shall not be permitted. Actual room occupants must be duly registered at the Front Desk upon check-in.

  • - In accordance with the smoking policy, smoking in guest room is not allowed, including common enclosed areas of the hotel. Smoking is permissible only in designated areas.
  • - Hotel curfew is strictly imposed. No visitors shall be allowed in rooms and to loiter the hotel premises beyond 10pm. Guest must be back in the hotel no later than 12 midnight. In the event that hotel guest will be out of the hotel premises beyond stimulated time, guest should inform the Front Desk prior to leaving. Otherwise, security personnel will not allow the guest to enter RNGCI premises during wee hours.
  • - No hanging of clothes or other articles or belongings outside the verandah.
  • - All electrical appliances must be switched off and the verandah doors should be closed when guest leaves the room.
  • - Cook food are not allowed inside the hotel except for Suite Rooms. Bringing of food shall be subject to declaration at the Front Desk upon check-in. Failure to do so will be subject to corkage fee. Dining/room service is only permitted in Suite rooms. We have our own restaurant on site but subject to last order call of 7:00pm.
  • - KTV room use will only be until midnight. Last order of drinks (particularly of alcohol) is until 8pm only.
  • - Snacks and drinks such as bottled water and chips are allowed. Alcohol and sodas, however are subject to corkage fee.
  • - Housekeeping turn down time is usually done between the hours of 5pm-7pm. A signage shall be hanged outside the main door, so as guest are aware that cleaning is in progress.
  • - For hospital information or ambulance service, please contact the Front Desk
  • - The hotel staff shall advise the guest to check upon arrival to the room location of the fire extinguisher, manual fire alarms and evacuation routes (signs are posted in hotel rooms and corridors)
  • - Only male staff is permitted to go to the guest rooms beyond 8pm.
  • - Guest should ensure that the main door is properly locked when leaving their room. Any belongings deemed lost or missing should immediately be notified to the Front Desk to facilitate police reporting
  • - Check-in guest are not allowed to bring in professional photographers for any kind of photoshoot. Only taking of pictures for personal use is allowed. 
  1. Check-out Procedures

5.1 Guest shall use the hotel rooms, common areas and facilities with due care and diligence, and shall vacate the room at its reasonable state.

5.2 The guest shall be liable for any damages in the room and common areas and facilities caused by the guest's fault or negligence.

5.3 Should the guest and the hotel cannot agree on the amount of charges billed, the court or the San Rafael, Bulacan city official shall determine reasonable charges. 

  1. Cancellation of confirmed bookings.

Cancellation charge shall be based on the initial booking or reservation date.

Option date shall be imposed on reservations not guaranteed with deposit.

Non-confirmation will automatically release the reservation or room allocation.

50% deposit shall be upon confirmation to hold the reservation. 

  • - If cancellation is made 15 days or more before the actual check-in date, 20% will be charged to the guest.
  • - If cancellation is made 7-14 days before the actual check in date, 50% will be charged to the guest. Redating is not applicable on this cancellation.
  • - If cancellation is made 1-6 days before the actual check-in date, 100% will be charged to the guest. Redating is not applicable on this cancellation.
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